Weapon Storage

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There are many reasons to consider buying a weapon storage item, whether you’ve just bought your first firearm weapon storageor your 30th.  There are plenty of options to suit either of these situations and more.  That being said, since there are twenty-seven States that have laws pertaining to the locking of firearms and eleven States that have child access laws, so check your local and State laws before deciding on the best weapon storage for you. [Continue Reading…]

Making Birdshot Useful for Defense

This is a guest post by Andrew Bettsbirdshot shell

At this point, most people should be well aware that birdshot is an extremely poor choice for defense. Sure, the knuckle dragging window lickers will proclaim that it has killed people, but so has heart disease. That doesn’t make a bucket of KFC a good home defense choice. And some folks inevitably argue “If you think it’s so useless, why don’t you let me shoot you with it?”[Continue Reading…]

300 Rip Out Review

300 rip out

This is a guest post by Andrew BettsBy now, most people are well aware that the G2 Research RIP is a steaming lump that does only one thing well: separate fools from their money. Hopefully most people are aware that fragmentation in pistol … [Continue reading]

Walkers Razor X Review

Walker Razor X

This is a guest post by Tarra StoddardHEARING PROTECTION LIKE NO OTHER!As if 31dB of noise reduction wasn't enough for the Walker Razor X Digital Ear Bud Headset. The electronic hearing protection and enhancement buds work flawlessly for … [Continue reading]

Is the Holosun Worth Your Money?


This is a guest post by Andrew BettsHolosun’s slogan on their home page is “Military grade optics without military grade price.” That’s a pretty high bar to meet. To be sure, there is no universal standard for “military grade” but it seems fair … [Continue reading]

What’s Your Home Intruder Plan?

home intruder

This is a guest post by Mike JonesOur home is the most valuable asset we own. Businesses are meant to go up and down, but your own home is much more than a job. It is where you spend quality time with your family and friends, and the financial … [Continue reading]

Lumintop SD20 Review


This is a guest post by Andrew BettsA bright, dependable flashlight is probably the most important piece of self-defense gear, behind a gun and a phone. It is far more important than an optic or magazine pouch and it’s definitely more important … [Continue reading]

10 Gun Myths Debunked

gun myths

This is a guest post by Lauren VentosaShotguns don’t need to be aimedShotguns should be aimed similarly to rifles.  It’s not a good idea to simply point, pray and shoot.In an average home defense situation, your attacker might enter a … [Continue reading]

How Serious Should We Take Home Defense?

home defense

This is a guest post by Rose CabreraHome security should never be taken lightly. In fact, with crime rates continuously increasing and burglars getting a lot smarter, people should start upgrading their home defense. Although having a security … [Continue reading]

Clearballistics Clear Gel

Clearballistics Clear Gel

This is a guest post by Andrew BettsBreaking: Clearballistics Clear Gel Not as Accurate as Manufacturer claims. If you have chosen your home defense ammunition based on a test performed with clear gel, you may want to reconsider. Clearballistics … [Continue reading]

Handgun Fundamentals

jeff cooper

We've mentioned before that we are suckers for old firearm videos. When we found one by COL Jeff Cooper we had to put it on the blog. … [Continue reading]

Patterning Your Shotgun

patterning a shotgun

A lot of the "experts" out there will tell you that you can pick up a shotgun with any type of ammo in it and simply point in the general direction of a bad guy and you will hit them. … [Continue reading]

Is the Lucid HD7 Worth your money?

Lucid HD7

This is a guest post by Andrew BettsNot long ago, you could either purchase a cheap, Chinese red dot sight for $30 or shell out $400 plus for a quality reflex from EoTech, Aimpoint, or Trijicon (we didn’t know yet that EoTech sights weren’t all … [Continue reading]

Why Should I Care About Ham Radio?

ham radio

This is a guest post by Andrew BettsWe often think about home defense in terms of guns, bullets, and fighting but the probability of actually being in a firefight in your home is incredibly remote. What is far more likely, to the point of being … [Continue reading]

Could Soft Armor Ever Stop a Rifle Round?

soft armor

This is a guest post by Andrew BettsBody armor is an important part of the home defense plan for many people. There are a variety of factors to consider, such as weight, cost, threat level, flexibility, and other issues so people may legitimately … [Continue reading]

Is .44 Magnum Suitable for Home Defense?

44 magnum

This is a guest post by Andrew BettsIf you spend enough time around gun people, you are bound to run into that guy. The one that never misses an opportunity to tell people about how his choice of caliber makes him so much more manly than the rest … [Continue reading]

Rawdog Tactical IWB Holster Review


This is a guest post by Andrew BettsIf you have been carrying a gun for more than a couple years, you probably have a drawer full of holsters. Some of them are great and get worn almost every day. Some are specialized and you may only use them if … [Continue reading]

The Perfect Combat Pistol

perfect combat pistol

What makes the perfect combat pistol?Jeff Cooper says that high visibility sights, a good/smooth trigger and total reliability. You also want one that you can shoot. That means one that fits your hand, you can manage the recoil and operate the … [Continue reading]

How To Improve Situational Awareness

situational awareness

The most successful gunfight is the one you're never in. Practicing good situational awareness is your your first line of defense in avoiding a critical situation.Way too many people wander around without a clue as to what is going on around … [Continue reading]

Krav Maga for Home Defense

krav maga

We've been asked about Krav Maga for home defense.Here's the thing - Krav Maga is specifically designed to prepare people for defending themselves in real world situations and in as an excellent way of learning how to defend oneself in a real … [Continue reading]

Adjusting Your Sights

adjusting your sights

I have to admit I'm not a big fan of adjusting your sights on pistols.It was drilled into me back when I first started serious shooting. I remember an old, grizzled team sergeant catching some young guys adjusting their sights. He stopped them, … [Continue reading]

Ruger American Pistol

ruger american

The Ruger American Pistol has been talked about quite a bit.It's  a good practical gun that works well and comes at a decent price. I like full size pistols that fit well in the hand. This fits the bill. … [Continue reading]

Shotgun Drills

doing shotgun drills

As with any firearm, if you are going to own a shotgun for home defense you are going to need to practice shotgun drills in order to get and stay proficient. … [Continue reading]

Top 5 Bad Gun Accessories


This is a guest post by Kevin CreightonOver the past few years, there’s been some tremendous leaps made in the firearms world. From inexpensive laser sights to rugged combat-ready magnified optics to the wide variety of lightweight, accurate … [Continue reading]

3 Crowdfunded Gadgets for Home Defense

home defense

This is a guest post by Lauren VentosaMy husband and I take home defense and safety pretty seriously. We’re the nerdy types that like to see what’s new or upcoming in the gun market.  We’ve been keeping our eyes peeled for any new technology that … [Continue reading]

Comfort-Air Bodyband Review

Comfort-Air Belly Band

This is a guest post by Tarra StoddardTODAY, there are more and more women and men who choose to conceal carry. As a woman who conceal carries myself, often times it is hard to find just the right holster that offers safety, comfort and allows … [Continue reading]